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Re: GeoMirror (aka cdn.debian.net) as default mirror in standard installation?

On Sat, Mar 05, 2011 at 09:51:00AM +0000, Miguel Figueiredo wrote:
> Using GeoMirror [1] (aka cdn.debian.net) as default mirror in the default 
> installation can save decisions and interaction to who is installing and be a 
> more automated process.
> * Pros:
> - 'good' default as it should select a nearby working mirror
> - efficient use of Debian mirrors
> - less decisions to who is installing
> - less interactivity
> * Cons:
> - Less customization
> - 'good' default could not be the best default
> What to you think about it's use in the installer? 
> 1 - http://wiki.debian.org/DebianGeoMirror

As someone with a local copy of debian since we have about 50 debian
machiens running, having to do expert install to manually enter the
mirror would be a huge pain in the ass.

So I think that would be a lousy default unless it asks if I want to
use that.  Some things really do have to be asked.  Where to install
from is one of them.  Now having an option of 'use a nearby mirror'
when it asks makes lots of sense, but it must ask.

Len Sorensen

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