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Re: Babelbox updated for squeeze


Am 26.02.2011 15:21, schrieb Christian PERRIER:

>> uploaded the babelbox.tar.gz to my people.d.o page.  Feel free to put
>> that back to the d-i webpage and change the link back.
> Done. Danke, Alex...

Not yet perfect.  During last week, I found some bugs, but due I didn't
had the opportunity to debug them properly.  But maybe we can get them
solved with the help of the -i18n folks.

Beside the dpms issue, I noticed the following bugs:

1) One - to me unknown - language seems to miss it's font files, as can
be seen on this screenshot:

What language is that?  What font package is missing?  And why wasn't it
installed via tasksel?

2) Sometimes a Brazilian Portuguese dictionary get's installed and asked
a question not yet preseeded.  Funnily, that seems to happen for more
languages, than Brazilian, as I saw the question asked in some language
using Cyrillic letters.  You can see that example here

What would we need to pressed to get that question preseeded?  And why
is it asked during other languages as well?

3) When the installation reaches "Kazahk" it doesn't continue.  It
remains in the language selection.  Pressing the "continue" button
doesn't help, one get's back to "Kazahk".  Log on tty-something doesn't
show anything special.

Well, and 4) being the language currently being installed isn't always
displayed.  But I think that's a known bug already (having something to
do with language names being to long?).

I have a virtual machine with the babelbox ready, if you need me to
debug it further or try something out.  If I export it, it takes up
about 9GB... If there's interest, I can upload it to somewhere.

Best regards,

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