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Re: Touchscreen support in d-i

Hi again,

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (02/03/2011):
> Is that one known?
> […]
> That's with xserver 1.10 in experimental, if that matters (didn't
> check what happens with 1.9).

patch proposed and merged in hg.

> > Anyway, it is usable already, and the current code can be found at
> > http://hg.sitedethib.com/gikbd/
> (ewww, hg :D. Fortunately the first thing I tried worked:
>    hg clone http://hg.sitedethib.com/gikbd
> )

Don't you want to maintain it under d-i/something.git on alioth? :)

(I can stick to git-hg, but my sending patches might be less comfy for
you as far as merging is concerned?)

As for the name, xvkbd being already taken, maybe osk for on screen
keyboard? But then, googling it up will lead to http://www.osk.com/


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