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Re: Touchscreen support in d-i

Just so you know, I've started a new virtual keyboard project to address
the second issue.

It is inspired by matchbox-keyboard to a certain extent and compatible
with its GTK input method (meaning, if you have matchbox-keyboard-im and
use it, the keyboard will pop up only when needed, as matchbox-keyboard
used to).

The main concern of this project is i18n: indeed, where all (I honestly
haven't found one that doesn't) on-screen keyboards use their own
format, and thus, require someone write a config file for each layout,
this one will fetch both keyboard geometry (currently, it will use the
"Alpha" section of pc105 keyboards) and layout from X (using XKB).
This, plus pango for text rendering, should make it work out of the box
for any layout.

However, the project is pretty young, suffers from a few bugs, its code
should be cleaned up a bit, there should be some way to save additional
space, and improve its look, so, any help would be appreciated!
Oh, and more importantly, it needs a proper name.

Anyway, it is usable already, and the current code can be found at

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