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Re: Touchscreen support in d-i


Thibaut Girka <thib@sitedethib.com> (01/03/2011):
> Just so you know, I've started a new virtual keyboard project to
> address the second issue.


Go Thibaut go!

> However, the project is pretty young, suffers from a few bugs, its
> code should be cleaned up a bit, there should be some way to save
> additional space, and improve its look, so, any help would be
> appreciated!  Oh, and more importantly, it needs a proper name.

Is that one known?
| -(cyril@talisker)-(/tmp/gikbd)-()
| $ make
| cc -c main.c `pkg-config --cflags cairo pangocairo` -Wall -O0
| cc -c keyboard.c `pkg-config --cflags cairo pangocairo` -Wall -O0
| cc -c ui.c `pkg-config --cflags cairo pangocairo` -Wall -O0
| cc -o gikbd keyboard.o ui.o main.o `pkg-config --libs cairo pangocairo` -lX11 -lXtst -lxkbfile
| -(cyril@talisker)-(/tmp/gikbd)-()
| $ ./gikbd
| X Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)
|   Major opcode of failed request:  12 (X_ConfigureWindow)
|   Value in failed request:  0x0
|   Serial number of failed request:  27
|   Current serial number in output stream:  30
| -(cyril@talisker)-(/tmp/gikbd)-()
| ret:1$

That's with xserver 1.10 in experimental, if that matters (didn't
check what happens with 1.9).

> Anyway, it is usable already, and the current code can be found at
> http://hg.sitedethib.com/gikbd/

(ewww, hg :D. Fortunately the first thing I tried worked:
   hg clone http://hg.sitedethib.com/gikbd


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