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Re: IPv6 support in debian installer

On Sat, Jan 22, 2011 at 12:04:59AM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> Matthew Palmer wrote:
> > * You can't (properly) use SLAAC to configure your IPv6 network (you can
> >   skip the gateway question, but you need to put in a static IP and that'll
> >   get stuck into /e/n/interfaces).
> Hmm, my experience with ipv6 autoconfiguration is that it Just Works
> when ipv6 is loaded and the network has a radvd.  Is there something
> that prevents it working in d-i?

Let me clarify that point: SLAAC *does* Just Work when you bring up the
interface, in as much as the soliciation and reply are sent/received, and
the interface is configured appropriately.  There's currently a bug in
netcfg that will flush all addresses, including SLAAC and LL v6, which makes
things more difficult, but that's fixed in my ipv6 tree already.

At present, though, even if SLAAC succeeds, d-i doesn't notice this, and
will ask you for manual configuration details anyway.  What I'm working on
is to detect that IPv6 autoconfiguration has worked and a global address has
been configured; I then present that info to the user and ask them if
they're happy to continue the installation with that info (still asking DNS,
hostname/domain), or if they'd like to manually configure their network
settings anyway (which drops into the usual manual config frufru, which is
already working for v6).

If the user chooses to go with SLAAC, I also need to write out a custom
/e/n/interfaces fragment (because ifupdown doesn't handle SLAAC).

- Matt

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