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Re: IPv6 support in debian installer

Matthew Palmer wrote:
> I'd like to announce that I've managed to put together a set of changes to
> netcfg (and busybox) to allow d-i to perform a complete install over the
> network without any traffic flowing over IPv4.
> <wait for applause... 3... 2... 1... smile and continue>

Well, let me be apparently the first to congradulate you. This is pretty

> * You can't (properly) use SLAAC to configure your IPv6 network (you can
>   skip the gateway question, but you need to put in a static IP and that'll
>   get stuck into /e/n/interfaces).

Hmm, my experience with ipv6 autoconfiguration is that it Just Works
when ipv6 is loaded and the network has a radvd.  Is there something
that prevents it working in d-i?

see shy jo

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