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Re: git conversion, probably tomorrow

With mr 1.00, which I am uploading now, you no longer need to use the -p
switch all the time. Updated cheatsheet:

before             now
------             ---
svn update         mr update      # too slow? try   mr update -j4
svn commit         mr commit
svn status         mr status
debcommit          debcommit --all
debcommit -r       debcommit -r
svn copy $PITA...  git checkout -b mybranch
svn $DONTKNOWHOW   git merge mybranch master
svn diff >patch    git format-patch master..mybranch # commit to mybranch first!
patch -p1 <patch   git am <mailbox

Remember that changes you commit with git are not pushed to public view
until you do so by hand. But "mr commit" does push like you're used to
svn doing. To push any git commits in your tree: mr push

see shy jo

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