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git conversion, probably tomorrow

Immediatly after rc2 is released we plan to convert d-i from svn to git.

This will involve locking the svn repository to prevent commits, running
a conversion process that will take several hours, unlocking the svn
repo, and *removing* most of the content from svn trunk (with the
notable exceptions of packages/po and manual/). Then you will need to
use the "mr" command to checkout the rest of the d-i tree from its new
git repositories.

At the moment these things are expected to be temporarily broken
by the conversion:

* Each system running a daily build will need to be updated to use the
  new debian-installer git repo, and daily builds will be broken until
  that is done.

* l10n-sync needs to be made git aware, and l10n changes won't be
  propigated until it is.

* Commits tagged "SILENT_COMMIT" and "[l10n]" won't be blocked from irc
  and the mailing list, until we come up with modified git hook scripts.

* If you have uncommitted changes in your d-i checkout now,
  you will probably get svn conflicts when the changed files are removed
  from svn. Now would be a convenient time to commit such changes, if
  you just forgot to do so before. Or you might want to use "svn diff"
  now to store the patches. Of course, once we've switched to git, you
  can easily store such changes in a branch.

For a full overview of the conversion plan, see

see shy jo

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