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Re: git conversion, probably tomorrow

The conversion is done!

To update your personal d-i checkout:

	sudo apt-get install mr
	cd /path/to/d-i
	svn up
	# The above deletes most directories.
	# If you have uncommitted files, it may complain about conflicts.
	# If you have files not checked in, you may need to delete them.
	# Before continuing, make sure that your d-i tree contains only:
	#  README manual/ packages/po/ scripts/
	mr -p checkout

- or -

	rm -rf d-i
	svn co svn+ssh://svn.d-i.alioth.debian.org/svn/d-i/trunk d-i
	cd d-i
	mr -p checkout

Cheatsheat if you don't know git:

before             now
------             ---
svn update         mr -p update      # too slow? try   mr -p update -j4
svn commit         mr -p commit
svn status         mr -p status
debcommit          debcommit --all
debcommit -r       debcommit -r
svn copy $PITA...  git checkout -b mybranch
svn $DONTKNOWHOW   git merge mybranch master
svn diff >patch    git format-patch master..mybranch # commit to mybranch first!
patch -p1 <patch   git am <mailbox

Remember that changes you commit with git are not pushed to public view
until you do so by hand. But "mr -p commit" does push like you're used to
svn doing. To push any git commits in your tree: mr -p push

Daily build conversion:

Phil has updated the buildds that do daily builds. I've updated i386
and armel. The daily build for sparc still needs updated. All that should
be needed is to check out the new git repo. All you really need for
a daily build:   git clone git://git.debian.org/d-i/debian-installer.git

Other things still to do:

* Remove $Id$ keywords from files where the git equivilant (a hash id)
  doesn't make sense, and/or turn on the ident attribute in git for
  files to enable git doing the expansion.

* l10n-sync needs to be made git aware.

* Any other scripts that assume svn need to be found and fixed.

* Add support for SILENT_COMMIT and [l10n] to git hook scripts.
  This will require some coding to get right.

* Update the Vcs fields in control files.

* Update docs in wiki, website, etc.

* Update Ohloh enlistments

see shy jo

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