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Re: git conversion, probably tomorrow

Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> I meant: Given the goal was a git conversion, I'd thought we'd at
> least get a git-only option here. (But yeah, I know docs have to be
> updated, too.)

It would be nice to have git only, but 

a) the manual translation/build process, which uses svn revision
   numbers, would need significant porting to use git
   (it was bad enough converting it from cvs, but at least both cvs and
   svn have ordered revision identifiers.. hmm, bzr? :P)
b) it's been argued that asking all d-i translators to learn git is
   too big a stumbling block

Still, probably 99% of code is in git now, and few people other than 
translators will need to do much with svn anymore.

see shy jo

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