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Bug#609733: installation-reports: UltraSparc 10 doesn't find its CD-ROM drive (Lenny works fine)


Axel Beckert wrote:
> after debugging http://bugs.debian.org/560823 resulted in an unbootable
> system again, I tried today's Squeeze installer image to revive the
> installation.

I used the netinst image btw.

> But the installer fails because it can't find it's cdrom. According to
> lsmod the cdrom driver is loaded.
> I also don't see any hard disk device in /dev.
> The box was running 2.6.32-5-sparc64 before and worked fine with it. I
> though never had to access the cdrom from the running system, so I don't
> know if that would have worked. The system was initially installed with
> some Lenny installer beta images running 2.6.24 and runs Debian Sid
> since then. The last time I had to revive the system, I used that CD and
> it still worked fine. Will try to boot the system with some Lenny CD to
> see if that works.

Freshly downloaded and burned Lenny 5.0.7 netinst image works fine.

		Regards, Axel
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