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Re: Fwd: preseeded debian install fails with "no cdrom detected" when cdrom is /dev/sr1

Sajjad Lateef wrote:
> (Sending to debian-boot since cdrom-detect is maintained by Debian
> Install System Team.)
> Hi,
> I am using debian-cd to create a custom Squeeze CD with a preseed.cfg
> file. The ISOs install fine on most platforms except when installing
> via DRAC with the ISO mounted as "Virtual Media".
> With DRAC, the install fails the "Detect and mount CDROM" step with
> "No common CDROM drive detected message".

Notice that if you then hit enter a time or two you will be prompted
"Manually select a CD-ROM module and device?" -- say "yes" and it will
prompt to load a module -- choose "none" as that is basically useless
now, and you will end up at a "Device file for accessing the CD-ROM:"

> I believe that the root cause is the debconf default value for
> "cdrom-detect/cdrom_device" :
> d-i  cdrom-detect/cdrom_device       string  /dev/sr0
> Question: Is there some preseed configuration that would convince
> cdrom-detect to find and mount /dev/sr1 ?

Sure, just boot with cdrom-detect/cdrom_device=/dev/sr1

see shy jo

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