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Bug#608641: debian-installer: Debian installer loses its mind when doing again the process after an error in novice mode

Christian PERRIER wrote:
> These questions don't disappear. They've been asked once already, so
> the user's choice is already known by the installer.

No, d-i is not supposed to be an area where seen flags are set.

cdebconf (0.58) unstable; urgency=low

    - The previous fix about the seen flag broke when a package is
      left half-configured.  To prevent this problem, the seen
      flag is never written to the questions.dat file (for cdebconf-udeb
      only) as suggested by Joey Hess.  Closes: #229648

Seen flags are still being properly ignored when a udeb is successfully
configured. For example, one can go back to the main menu and change
language, and is re-prompted with the language question.

Also, if I make a menu item such as user-setup ask a question and later fail,
I repeatedly selecting it shows the question each time. So bug #229648
has not reocurred.

So I suspect this bug is specific to the passthrough frontend -- notice
that both examples given, tasksel and grub-setup, use passthrough. Likely,
seen flags are being set in /target.

see shy jo

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