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Bug#608641: debian-installer: Debian installer loses its mind when doing again the process after an error in novice mode

Christian PERRIER a écrit :

Please give *detailed* examples where this happens. This might as well
be a logic error in some specific package configuration script and not
an overall bad behaviour of the installer.
When we are asked for Grub boot sector, I've put "fd0" the first time. I got an error, tried another device for boot sector(I don't remember which one), error again. Then I think I've tried Lilo, it failed again. Trying again Grub, it didn't ask any question anymore.

about tasksel is imho pointless (I don't really know what would change
if one has to choose the tasks again in the tasks selection)....and
If there isn't enough disk space for example! Or a too much slow link for packages downloading...
the mention of the bootloader step is too vague.
Sorry but I haven't got a test machine.

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