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Re: Status of some daily D-I builds

Hi Andi

Many thanks, that was exactly the information I was looking for.

Excerpts from Andreas Barth's message of Mit Nov 03 07:52:32 +0100 2010:
> * Gaudenz Steinlin (gaudenz@debian.org) [101103 01:37]:
> > This is indeed suboptimal. :-( Would it be possible to give some
> > (ideally more than one person to not create bottlenecks) persons from
> > the d-i team access to the buildds where d-i daily builds are built so
> > they can investigate these issues themself?
> The problem is that that kind of access to the buildds is root-level
> access. Now that's not something we're too keen on handing out.
> > Can someone from the buildd team shed some more light on this. If this
> > is documented somwhere and I just didn't find the right place you can
> > also just point me to the docs. I'm also happy to just read the
> > scripts actually triggering the builds.
> http://lists.debian.org/20100331165134.GA19557@mails.so.argh.org
> and followups should contain all the necessary information. I assumed
> that that's documented somewhere within the d-i information pool.

OK, I can now see the relevant scripts and the pieces are quite clear.
If I see this correctly builldd-forced-command is executed on
d-i.debian.org as a forced command in authorized_keys. While
buildscript is executed on the buildd.

How is the build script triggered on the buildd? Is this a cronjob or
is this integrated into the buildd schduling infrastructure?

What do you think about moving these two scripts into the
debian-installer repository alongside all other scripts that generate
the daily build webpages and stuff? At least the buildd-forced-command
script is already in the same directory on d-i.d.o but is the only one
not in version control there (it's not identical to the version in the
git repository...).
> If there are improvements to our scripts, please feel free to send
> them to us. Especially usually I assume that even non-working builds
> should send an log to d-i.d.o.

Currently the hppa buildd (last builds from lafayette) does not send
any new logs since Jun 07.

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