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Re: Status of some daily D-I builds

[ Context for debian-wb-team: This thread started because not all
autobuilder setups for d-i are currently working properly and I tried
to figure out why but got stuck  because I could not figure out how
these build are triggered. ]


Excerpts from Luk Claes's message of Son Okt 31 18:53:37 +0100 2010:
> On 10/31/2010 04:49 PM, Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
> > - There are still some old builds. I'm still looking for someone to
> >   document the current autobuilder setup, so that it would become
> >   possible for others to investigate the cause for this and to add the
> >   relevant logs to the overview page. AFAIK currently only Luk knows
> >   how this works and it's not documented anywhere... (Luk, could you
> >   give me some pointers?)

Note for debian-wb-team: The problem with these builds is that they
don't fail in the usual way where the buildd sends a log of the failed
build ready for inspection, but that they just don't upload any new
builds to d-i.debian.org and there is to my knowledge no log
whatsoever to show the reason of this.

> Note that I don't have access anymore to any buildd (was retracted
> without any notice) so I'm not very interested in pursuing why things
> don't work anymore...

This is indeed suboptimal. :-( Would it be possible to give some
(ideally more than one person to not create bottlenecks) persons from
the d-i team access to the buildds where d-i daily builds are built so
they can investigate these issues themself?

> Note also that it doesn't seem that any are still being done the way I
> originally set them up as none are from luk@<host> anymore...

Can someone from the buildd team shed some more light on this. If this
is documented somwhere and I just didn't find the right place you can
also just point me to the docs. I'm also happy to just read the
scripts actually triggering the builds.

Are the builds scheduled by a cron job or is there something else
scheduling the  builds?

> On the buildds there was a separate chroot used to do the daily builds.
> The daily builds were done like 'documented' in the repository of d-i,
> nothing special.

What do you mean by the "documented" way? Does it run some/all of the
build targets in instaler/build or does it use the
installer/debian/rules build-images target? 

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