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Bug#602135: Squeeze net install - mirror bug

Hi Peter,

If you are willing to load binary non-free firmware for your network card that 
is covered in the manual [1].

Let us know any developments.
If the issue is really the missing non-free firmware i suggest to close this 

1 - http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/en.i386/ch06s04.html

A Terça 02 Novembro 2010 09:37:04, você escreveu:
> Hi
> Thank you for your response. The Broadcom BCM 5782 modem does work
> without the tg3_tso5.bin firmware. It will do web surfing, simple wget
> and ssh. The firmware is needed for TSO which is probably required for
> downloading packages. The firmware is in
> firmware-linux-nonfree_0.27_all.deb. It is not on Beta1 DVD (free and
> contrib only) and I assume it is not in the installer initrd.gz files (I
> looked in one of them).
> A work-around is to install only packages from the DVD (or DVD .iso) and
> not select any mirror. The user can then install the firmware on the new
> system and set the sources to install packages and updates from a
> suitable mirror.
> When I have time I will try and include the firmware in the installation
> initrd.gz and see what happens. I assume it needs to be at
> /lib/firmware/tigon/tg3_tso5.bin .
> Anyone who installs Squeeze (and probably Lenny) on a computer which
> requires non-free firmware will have a similar problem. The installation
> notes should probably mention this.
> I hope you can understand my English. I have tried to keep it as simple
> as possible.
> Regards
> Peter Milne
> Wellington
> New Zealand

Melhores cumprimentos/Best regards,

Miguel Figueiredo

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