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Bug#602129: Further information on bug #602129


care to take a look on the installation log and check for anything 
Sharing the log with us, so we can to try to understand what happened,l would 
be awesome. 
Can you reply sending the log gzipped?

A Terça 02 Novembro 2010 12:17:18 R.M. Thomas você escreveu:
> I tried to install again this morning, encountered the same problem
> with partitioning, continued with 2GB free space and no swap.  On the
> first reboot, presentation of the login dialogue box was delayed by
> about 20 seconds.  When the password was entered, the box became greyed
> and the system hung indefinitely while the disk activity light showed
> irregular activity.


Melhores cumprimentos/Best regards,

Miguel Figueiredo

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