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Re: Localization status for Debian Installer (October 24th update)

Quoting Ask Hjorth Larsen (asklarsen@gmail.com):

> Hi Christian
> What is the preferred way to get hold of the po-files?  Should I
> branch D-I from git?  If so, which branch?  Trunk?

http://d-i.debian.org/doc/l10n gives all details.

D-I is maintained in SVN so you can get level 1 files (the ones I'm
talking about in these status reports) from there:


Or from the status pages:


Beforehand, please coordinate with translators in charge of the
language you intend to work on. I have some indices that say this
language is probably not Italian, Malayalam or Japanese, but more
Danish or one of both Norwegian flavours. Am I right? :-)

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