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Bug#596907: installation-reports: mostly successful squeeze install from USB stick

Christian PERRIER wrote:
Quoting mfidelman@ntcorp.com (mfidelman@ntcorp.com):

yes to the language/country/keyboard/network questions - but no
splash screen or other opportunity to select an install mode
Hmmm, sure, that's maybe a limitation of the way USB boot devices are
built (kernel+initrd+iso image). There's then no nice boot menu. Not
even a boot prompt?

reads MBR, then boots vmlinuz, goes to language selection prompt, then goes right into searching for an installer image and loading installer components - after that, network setup, then usernames, clock setup, then right into the partitioner
There were already major PITAs with Lenny, particularly when it comes
at complex device setups. So, well, maybe some problems were moved
from one place to another but I wouldn't say that things are worse
than they were for lenny.
Other than having to learn how to configure grub2 to behave equivalently - not that easy, given that configurations go in different places, things are named differently, specifying kernel options is done differently, etc. It's going to be sort of interesting trying to migrate production systems without a lot of down time. Sigh...

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