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Bug#596907: installation-reports: mostly successful squeeze install from USB stick

Christian PERRIER wrote:
No language/country/keyboard/network questions?

Loading custom modules is proposed only in expert mode. *That* is on purpose..:-)

Rescue mode is to be chosen at boot time, by choosing a special entry
in the boot menu.

yes to the language/country/keyboard/network questions - but no splash screen or other opportunity to select an install mode
2. It seems to install grub2, without giving the opportunity to install grub-
legacy.  It seems to do all the right things, and the installed system boots
I don't think we really want to still suppor tgrub-legavy during
installation. Supporting grub2 has already been a suffisiant PITA..:-)
Understood. I've always thought that grub=PITA. grub2 looks like PITA in spades. Sigh :-(

Might make things pretty difficult for folks with tricky configurations (like mine) - raid, xen, etc. Between using volume UUIDs to identify disks, and the switch to grub2, with its completely new configuration model, squeeze is starting to look like a particularly tricky upgrade from Lenny.

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