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Bug#594992: keyboard-configuration: add brazilian abnt2 model to the list of keyboards

Quoting Gunther Furtado (gunfurtado@gmail.com):

> Hi, many thanks but nope, it doesn't work. At least on stable
> installer (the only one yaboot boot loader can load, sid vmlinux is
> too big) it doesn't. 
> First item in expert is about language and the second one about
> keymaps, only two options here are (1)USB keyboard (takes me back to the
> same list without br-abnt) and (2)leave keymap untouched which does not
> suits me also.

Ah, sad. So I'm afraid that someone needs to care enough about this
issue (and powerpc) to fix it. As you mention also, we apparently also
need to find someone caring enough to fix the yaboot stuff.

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