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Bug#596106: Netinst Bug

Quoting joan (calbasi@pangea.org):

> About documentation:
> - maybe a comment system could be nice, like Drupal.
> - maybe an easy way to submit changes (even an issue system, to
> suggest them) could be nice

Maybe....and as things don't happen by themselves and we have nobody
paid for doing work, we're back to the start

Remember also that we're talking about a complex system of bricks that
allows installing a full operating system that's available for many
architectures....not an end-user app with user-contributed modules.

There is code in D-I, so contributing to enhance it requires some
effort to understand it....we however have many examples of completely
non wizards who are doing some good contributions to D-I. 

Again, things don't happen by themselves. We're aware of our
weaknesses. We're even aware that we can't fix most of them with a
magic wand.  Parts of the magic wand is in our users' hands.

> I like translate to Catalan out of date documentation, but I think
> the way is not an easy one.
> I like to start a Catalan debian-wiki edition, but I'm waiting for a
> reply of the wiki managers for more than a month!!
> Belief me, I'd like to help more debian, but usually there is not an
> easy way :-(

Joining the debian-l10n-catalan mailing list might be a start. We have
longstanding contributors there. They know about how things work, they
can explain.

I remember of someone who started more or less like this in Debian, by
being a user, then starting to contribute in localization in his own
language, then by working on original documentation...and ending up in
managing the releases of the installer...

Still, the documentation about installing Debian is probably not
perfect, but far from non existing (thanks, particularly, to the work
of the amovementioned person).

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