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Bug#274485: marked as done ([ARM] bast d-i install attempt)

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and subject line Closing old installation report #274485
has caused the Debian Bug report #274485,
regarding [ARM] bast d-i install attempt
to be marked as done.

This means that you claim that the problem has been dealt with.
If this is not the case it is now your responsibility to reopen the
Bug report if necessary, and/or fix the problem forthwith.

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Package: installation-reports

Debian-installer-version: ARM pre-rc2 sarge netinst CD image
uname -a: ?? (platform is a Simtec EB2410ITX-G - aka 'bast')
Date: Fri Oct  1 22:47:12 PDT 2004

Method: Full log from serial console follows.

Note, details of a previous d-i install attempt on this HW
platform can be found here:



ARM pre-rc2 sarge netinst CD was in a locally attached CDROM
drive (ide slave). An ATA hard drive was attached as the ide


SuperIO controller fitted
Detecting SDRAM size
SDRAM: BANK6 size 04000000
SDRAM: BANK7 size 04000000
ABLE: 1.98 (bast,s3c2410x) (vince@gerald) Wed Jun  2 00:07:42 BST 2004
System: Machine bast/s3c2410x, Linux id 0x014b
Processor: Samsung S3C2410X (arm920) (0)
þS3C2410X RTC: 18:58:37, 01/10/2004

stray char at begining of this line is a bootloader bug ?

NAND: configured boot slot is 0 (card slot)
EEPROM: 24cXX, 1024 bytes, single byte addressed
(nvram0) on (24cxx)
Setting CPU Speed to 203MHz
no confiuration, defaulting to vga
X/Y values invalid, configuring automatically
Chrontel CH7006 detected
screen mode is 640x480, ?Hz, ?Hz HSync
video: video size 300K
configuring ch7006: vga
selected serial for console write stream
selected serial for console read stream
DRAM: 128 Mb (134217728 bytes)
BAST: PMU version 1.02, ID 00:01:3d:00:01:04
ABLE: 1.98 (bast,s3c2410x) (vince@gerald) Wed Jun  2 00:07:42 BST 2004
hda: Maxtor 2F040L0: ATAhdb: ATAPI CDROM: Slimtype DVD-ROM LSD-081

lack of '\n' before hdb: details is a bootloader bug ?

diagnosing drive: ok
(hda) 38GB
(hdb) 71MB
(cd0) on ((hdb1):iso9660)
(rom0) on (nor0)
DM9000: dm0: r0, 00:01:3d:00:01:04 int phy, link down
NE2000: ne0: ISA/Generic, 00:01:3d:00:01:05 (EEPROM Invalid / Missing)
sys.autoshadow unset, automatically shadowing
boot.cmd unset, defaulting to '(cd0)install.sh'
Autoboot in 8 seconds (attempt 1), Press any key to abort
shell-hist (is unset)
cons-write  = serial
cons-read  = serial
boot.auto (is unset)
boot.cmd (is unset)
boot.timeout  = 8
ide.multi-limit (is unset)
fb.enable (is unset)
fb.output (is unset)
fb.y (is unset)
fb.x (is unset)
sys.autoshadow (is unset)
sys.speed  = 203
>setargs root=/dev/ram rw console=ttySAC0,115200 s3c2410fb_disable=yes
>load (cd0)/install/bast/vmlinuz-2.4.27-bast (cd0)/install/bast/initrd.gz
loaded (cd0)/install/bast/vmlinuz-2.4.27-bast, 0xfbf6c bytes at 0x00008000
loaded (cd0)/install/bast/initrd.gz, 0x15336a bytes at 0x00408000

The above commands are derived from:


The bast can load and run bootloader scripts directly from a local
filesystem, so it would be _very_ nice to have these commands in a
script somewhere in the ARM d-i install CD filesystem...

boot: booting 'linux'
Booting Linux
Uncompressing Linux.......................................................................... done, booting the kernel.
nzat  .oretf-U sni2c rn0r

Early boot messages from the serial port are garbled (incorrect setup
of uart baud rate perhaps ??). This is also true for the 2.4.25 d-i
bast kernel.

ttySAC%d0 at MMIO 0xd8800000 (irq = 70) is a S3C2410
ttySAC%d1 at MMIO 0xd8804000 (irq = 73) is a S3C2410
ttySAC%d2 at MMIO 0xd8808000 (irq = 76) is a S3C2410
Registering BAST serial ports
S3C2410 LCD/VGA Console support
Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 80x60
keyboard: Timeout - AT keyboard not present?(ed)
keyboard: Timeout - AT keyboard not present?(f4)
pty: 256 Unix98 ptys configured
lp0: using parport0 (polling).
Installing S3C2410 RTC 
S3C Real Time Clock driver v1.00
ppdev: user-space parallel port driver
S3C2410 Watchdog Timer: timer margin 20 sec
Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000000
pgd = c0004000
[00000000] *pgd=00000000, *pmd = 00000000
Internal error: Oops: 805
CPU: 0
pc : [<c002fd2c>]    lr : [<c002714c>]    Not tainted
sp : c03eff34  ip : 40000013  fp : c03eff40
r10: 3001ba40  r9 : 41129200  r8 : c03eff44
r7 : c0267490  r6 : c0267488  r5 : c03ee000  r4 : c0267488
r3 : c03eff4c  r2 : 00000000  r1 : c03eff44  r0 : c0267494
Flags: nZcv  IRQs off  FIQs on  Mode SVC_32  Segment kernel
Control: C000317F  Table: 30004000  DAC: 0000001D
Process swapper (pid: 1, stack limit = 0xc03ee374)
Stack: (0xc03eff34 to 0xc03f0000)
ff20:                                              c03eff74 c03eff44 c002714c 
ff40: c002fd00 00000001 c03ee000 c0267494 00000000 c0021420 c0232db8 c0267488 
ff60: c023ec78 c0226dac c03effa4 c03eff78 c00273ac c0027110 c0232db8 0000ffff 
ff80: c0232d36 00000068 c011b570 c0021420 c0224000 c023ec84 c03effb8 c03effa8 
ffa0: c0013d54 c011b548 c0021420 c03effcc c03effbc c000876c c0013d14 00000000 
ffc0: c03effdc c03effd0 c00087b4 c0008764 c03efff4 c03effe0 c002208c c0008798 
ffe0: 00000000 c0224000 00000000 c03efff8 c00261f8 c002208c fdbc3ff9 d35c7fdf 
Function entered at [<c002fcf0>] from [<c002714c>]
Function entered at [<c0027100>] from [<c00273ac>]
 r8 = C0226DAC  r7 = C023EC78  r6 = C0267488  r5 = C0232DB8
 r4 = C0021420 
Function entered at [<c011b538>] from [<c0013d54>]
 r6 = C023EC84  r5 = C0224000  r4 = C0021420 
Function entered at [<c0013d04>] from [<c000876c>]
 r4 = C0021420 
Function entered at [<c0008754>] from [<c00087b4>]
 r4 = 00000000 
Function entered at [<c0008788>] from [<c002208c>]
Function entered at [<c002207c>] from [<c00261f8>]
 r5 = C0224000  r4 = 00000000 
Code: e5902004 e5803004 e5810008 e5832004 (e5823000) 
Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!

I don't have linux installed at all at the moment and I've long
since lost the Simtec Woody install CD which came with the
board... therefore my bast is a brick until I get d-i working ;-)

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We are closing this installation report for one of the following
- it was reported with a pre-lenny version of Debian
- indications in the installation report give the feeling that
  the reported problem waslying in another software, unrelated to
  D-I, which we can't easily identify.
- indications in the installation report suggest that it may have been
  fixed in a more recent version of a D-I component
- it was successful and we forgot closing it..:-)
- it has no information we consider useful

The D-I team is currently in the process of cleaning out the old spool
of installation reports that haven't bene processed yet. 

In case you think that the problem you reported has chances to be
still present, please reiterate your installation test with
a more recent image of D-I, if you're in position of doing this.

You'll find daily builds at
http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer. We recommend you choose
the netboot image, in the "daily builds section", then choose to
install "squeeze" when prompted.

If some problems are found, please report them with a new bug sent
against installation-reports.

Many thanks for your understanding and your help improving Debian,
past and present.

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