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Re: uboot-envtools-udeb or uboot-installer

* Per Andersson <avtobiff@gmail.com> [2010-07-06 13:06]:
> Regarding the U-Boot bootloader environment modifications, should a
> uboot-envtools-udeb take care of this or should something like
> uboot-installer be created instead?

This is what I wrote before: "Since you'll also have to generate an
uboot image for the kernel, I'd put the code to change the u-boot
environment in the flash-kernel udeb."

In fact, if your code would show the modifications that have to be
made to the u-boot environment and then only *optionally* change it, I
could use it for the SheevaPlug too (where I'd like to show what
people have to do, but not actually do it).

There'll be some overlap with nobootloader but I don't see this as a

Martin Michlmayr

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