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Progress of Debian Installer 6.0 - Beta1


Finally after I ended my monograph of this University turn I got some
free time to look at Debian Installer as it deserves.

Things being done:

 - Philip Hands: looking at changes done since Alpha1 and updating the
Release Announcement
 - Julien Cristau: started to look at console-setup bug (#583388) but
it looks to be in GTK/cdebconf (anyone able to help here?)
 - Otavio Salvador: working at updating parted to 2.3 and fixing sparc
partitioning issues
 - Colin Watson: working at grub2 issues
 - Christian Perrier: handling translation updates

To be done:

 - ???: review announcement
 - ???: review errata
 - ???: review patches for wpa support and give it a refresh to see if
it is ready for pushing
 - ???: check brtfs support and see if we ought to add it
 - ???: check netinst size issues
 - ???: check what is missing for full kFreeBSD support

Please if you think that I've missed anything please point it out. If
you think you can help on any of those, please say :-)


Otavio Salvador                  O.S. Systems
E-mail: otavio@ossystems.com.br  http://www.ossystems.com.br
Mobile: +55 53 9981-7854         http://projetos.ossystems.com.br

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