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Re: Progress of Debian Installer 6.0 - Beta1

[Otavio Salvador]
> Finally after I ended my monograph of this University turn I got some
> free time to look at Debian Installer as it deserves.

Congratulations. :)

> Please if you think that I've missed anything please point it
> out. If you think you can help on any of those, please say :-)

There is a problem with udev slowing down the installer a lot (bug
#586404).  It might go away when the d-i images are updated in
Squeeze, but if not, I believe it is a problem that should be fixed.

I've also seen a problem with one of my test laptops at work, where
the installer fail to find /dev/hda2 when setting up LVM even thought
it is present.  No idea if it is related to the udevadm settle issue
or something else, but thought it best to mention it here.  It started
happening the last few days, and I have not yet had time to
investigate and report a bug.

I do Squeeze test installations with Debian Edu several times a day at
the moment, and it is working fairly well modulo the issues above.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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