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Bug#587150: #587150: d-i netinst cd doesn't boot, isolinux error: further investigation

Holger Wansing <linux@wansing-online.de> writes:

> I found, that this not only a problem of the netinst cd, but
> also hardware dependent.
> I can boot my old 486 Toshiba Satellite laptop with this cd,
> but on my IBM Thinkpad T23 the cd produces the isolinux error:
> Error: no configuration file found.
> (The T23 does not contain the original optical drive, I changed the drive
> myself years ago to an NEC ND-7551A. I had no problems in the past years 
> with this drive).
> I checked the md5sum of the downloaded iso, it was correct.
> I burned the iso to three different discs (from different vendors),
> all showed the same problem. So this should not be a problem of a 
> bad disc.
> I have a netinst iso lying around here from 13.06.2010, it boots
> fine on my T23. It contains Isolinux 3.86
> Is there some regression brought in by the Isolinux 4.0 version?

That's possible, 4.0 isn't released just yet.  I'm Cc-ing the Syslinux
developer list to make them aware of this issue.  I guess the CD image
you tested had isolinux 4.00pre58 or pre59 on it; now pre60 was also
uploaded to unstable, so newer dailies will switch to that at least.
Fixes are continuously getting into these prereleases, so it would be
very useful if you could test the newest possible in your T23 and report
back success or failure.  Stable links to tested images under
http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/daily-builds/daily.old/ may also prove

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