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Proposals for a string freeze and some kind of release preparation...


Otavio and I had a short discussion on IRC about a possible string
freeze in order to "officially" ask to translators for completing
their work (see [1] for last status report).

I estimate the needed time for this to about 3-4 weeks. That may sound
as a (too) long time, but I really need this to be able to do the
needed prodding for languages that have "lost" their main translator
(which now always happens for one or another).

During the string freeze, developers would be required to avoid
committing changes that involved modifications to localizable
strings. Each of these would require a prior discussion in debian-boot
and a formal ACK to commit.

At the end of the string freeze, I'll publish a summary of the l10n
status and we will decide what to do with languages that did not make

As already applied earlier, the minimum requirement for a language to
be activated is having sublevels 1 and 2 completed. Any language
meeting this is automatically activated.

Other languages will be examined on a case by case basis. It is hard
to give a strict rule about activating or not, despite the missing
completion. There could be exceptions that will be discussed publicly
in debian-boot.

I propose Sunday July 4th 32:59 as deadline for the string
freeze. That leaves time during ealy July for a mass l10n upload and
thus sets the first foundations of a beta release that could indeed be
the Squeeze first release candidate.

Does this sound like a reasonable plan?

[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2010/05/msg00466.html


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