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Debian Installer string freeze and translation update round

As part of the early preparation of a release of Debian Installer
(D-I), the localizable strings in the "core" components of D-I are now
frozen until July 4th 2010 23:59.

Consequences for D-I developers
It means that developers should refrain from changing D-I debconf
templates in D-I "core" udebs *without prior discussion in
debian-boot*. Exceptions will be examined on a case by case
basis. Uncoordinated changes will be reverted.

This string freeze lasts until July 4th 23:59 at minimum. After that
date, D-I packages will be uploaded one by one to integrate the update
translations. Please refrain from changing localizable strings to each
package until it has been uploaded.

Consequences for D-I translators
*Update translations* for D-I "core" packages (those described as
"level 1" in http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/doc/i18n/. This is your one
and only duty.

Check level 1 statistics on http://d-i.debian.org/l10n-stats/

If your language has many updates to do, start from "sublevel 1" down
to "sublevel 5".

Languages that fail to be 100% complete for sublevels 1 and 2 are in
danger of being removed from the D-I language selection menu. The
decision is to be taken after the string freeze.

Please relay this call wherever you want, particularly in localization

People interested to complete an incomplete language should first get
in touch with me privately so that I can check with them whether
someone else is already working on that language.

*This is not time for starting a new translation*. A last minute rush
will certainly fail, because of the huge preparation work needed and
the initial steps to complete, which I won't have time for. People
interested in new translations can still be directed to me but they
won't be my priority, sorry for this.

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