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Re: Proposals for a string freeze and some kind of release preparation...

[Christian PERRIER]
> I propose Sunday July 4th 32:59 as deadline for the string
> freeze. That leaves time during ealy July for a mass l10n upload and
> thus sets the first foundations of a beta release that could indeed be
> the Squeeze first release candidate.
> Does this sound like a reasonable plan?

Sound good to me.

I have a thing I want to change in d-i, but this is not causing any
string changes.  It is to change the main-menu sequence number for
user-setup, to move it before base-installer.  The reason is to get
more questions clustered together at the start of the installation, to
be able to leave the machine to itself after providing the root
password if the tasksel and popcon questions are preseeded.  We have
used such ordering in Debian Edu for a long time, and it work very
well for us.

I also need to verify that the new firmware code work properly, as I
had some problems during my testing where the kernel module loading
did not trigger a new firmware request if the firmware package were
unavailable.  Has been unable to see if this was caused by mine
changes or something else so far.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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