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Re: Package-Type not included in udebs

On Tuesday 18 May 2010, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Quoting Raphael Hertzog (hertzog@debian.org):
> > To the d-i team: you can start converting your packages to use the
> > official name now.
> Any objections for me to do this in SVN?
> Apart from changelog documentation, is there anything else that should
> be done besides s/XC-Package-Type:/Package-Type: in debian/control
> files?

IIUC XB-Kernel-Version, XB-Subarchitecture and XB-Installer-Menu-Item 
should be done as well. And IMO it would make sense to do all at the same 
time. But I doubt any testing of the "official" fields has been done, so 
someone will need to check *with care* that they really do work the same 

And packages that are not team-maintained will need to be done as well.

Also, the D-I Internals and possibly other documentation would need to be 

It may be better to delay until after the Squeeze release so that it can 
all be done without pressure.

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