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Package-Type not included in udebs


On Wed, 07 Apr 2010, Don Armstrong wrote:
> > Anyway, I'd rather just make dpkg-dev special case udebs and not
> > output the field to the binary, even if I think that will imply lose
> > of automation and better integration among others, than a possible
> > solution shoved down the d-i team throat which they seem to consider
> > completely unacceptable (even if probably that outcome is unlikely
> > given the stance of some of the ctte members, but still), or my
> > throat.
> I think if you're happy with the field not going into the udebs (for
> at least the time being), there's not much of a disagreement here.
> [FWICT, the primary concern of the d-i team was space, and your
> proposed solutions seem to be aware of them.]

dpkg-dev 1.15.7 stopped outputting the field by default. So this bug can
be closed (doing so now). Not really a decision of the committee but I
just wanted a decision taken.

The lintian tag package-type-in-debian-control can be dropped and replaced
by a xc-package-type-in-debian-control that suggests to do the opposite
and use the official name.

To the d-i team: you can start converting your packages to use the official name

Raphaël Hertzog

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