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Re: timezone in squeeze installer

Quoting Xavier Chantry (chantry.xavier@gmail.com):

> Thanks for keeping me in CC, I am indeed not subscribed.
> Now I've also seen Frans' comment in ML archives.

The practice on Debian ML is to not CC people to answers, unless they
explicitly require it. Frans actually respected this carefully. I
didn't because I somehow suspected that you weren't subscribed..:-)

> At no point was the country selection removed ? I really don't
> remember seeing that during my qnap install.
> However I had it during all the previous debian install I made on
> normal desktops/laptops.

Well, the country selection is not removed. However, depending on the
type of install, it may be skipped. But, on most installs, it is
indeed showed to users.

> Maybe I should first try a normal squeeze install cd and see if I've
> any problems with that. Though I won't be sure I get exactly the same
> version than with the qnap install.
> And unfortunately I cannot reinstall on the qnap, I've already a fully
> working and configured system that is in use. and I cannot just ran
> the installer again there, I would need to re-flash it and probably
> lose everything.

You can at least run the installer up to the partitioning step...up to
the moment where file systems are written on disk. But you won't reach
the timezone selection step as it happens after this.

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