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Re: Launching a Debian Xen Guest using a nfs://.../preseed.cfg fails -- Does required nfs:// support exist?

On Thursday 22 April 2010, Ben DJ wrote:
> Could you, perhaps, expound a bit more ?  As I'd admitted up-front <--
> "Debain noob".

I did not mean for you to use the 'BOOT_DEBUG=3' option. What I meant is 
that, when you get "dropped into the manual installer", to use the <go 
back> option to go to the main menu and then select the "Start a debug 
shell" option and then, using regular *nix commands, check the syslog and 
the network connection etc. to find out why the preseed file wasn't being 

But I've looked a bit more at your boot command and preseed file and what 
you are currently trying to do is never going to work. With what you have 
now the installer is not even getting close to the point where it would 
attempt to load the preseed file...

You are expecting the installer to read a preseed file over a network 
connection before you have even configured the network connection. Your 
boot command does not contain any info needed to configure the network for 
the guest. The preseed file does, but that's useless as you already need 
to have the network configured to read it: classic chicken and egg 

BTW, you'd have the same problem with NFS as that also requires the network 
to be set up before you can use it.

Please study the documentation (preseeding appendix in the installation 
guide) and if you need additional help please try asking on the 
debian-user mailing list first. debian-boot is primarily a development 

This is going to be my last contribution to this thread.

Good luck,

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