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Re: get.debian.net installing gNewsomething instead of Debian


Am Sonntag, den 11.04.2010, 12:59 +0300 schrieb Teemu Likonen:
> The download link for the Windows installer points to site
>     http://goodbye-microsoft.com
> which advertises gNewSense. I guess the get.debian.org guys just didn't
> notice the change (adding a Cc).

I think we really should provide this functionality, I used it a few
times to install Debian, and now I cannot any more.

@d-boot: Am I right that the file win32-loader.exe from win32-loader is
all that is required to install Debian? Or does does it require
adjustments before it can be used?

@get.debian.net: Maybe you want to host the installer directly?

Or even better, this installation method could be added to


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