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Towards X11-based d-i: Gone through NEW


during the past days, I've been busy getting my changes merged into
Debian packages, getting them uploaded, and getting them through
NEW. Besides the X11-related packages I took care of, I should list
udev, cairo, pango1.0, gtk+2.0, vte, and gtk2-engines.

Their respective maintainers were very quick at merging them, and ftp
folks VERY quick at accepting the several rounds of packages including
new udebs.

Current situation:
 * udev is ready in unstable.
 * X11 packages (server, drivers, libraries)  are ready in unstable.

 * cairo, pango1.0, gtk+2.0, vte, gtk2-engines are ready in
   experimental [gnome 2.30 rc packages].

 * cairo is additionally ready in unstable [gnome 2.28 packages].

Right now, I spotted a few issues:
 * Missing version bump in Build-Depends, resulting in a dependency of
   libpango1.0-udeb → libcairo-directfb2-udeb. Should be trivial to
 * An extra dependency in experimental: libcairo2-udeb → libstdc++6.

At first, I thought “the latter seems to be the result of the addition
of a qt backend in the latest cairo packages (only in experimental,
the unstable udeb is OK). It should be easy to disable the qt part
through a configure option for the udeb though.”

But we even have:
| dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: dependency on libstdc++.so.6 could be avoided if "debian/libcairo2/usr/lib/libcairo.so.2.10906.0" were not uselessly linked against it (they use none of its symbols).

Due to those issues, I couldn't build a netboot-gtk image to
double-check that modified d-i packages (see below) were leading to a
working image again.

Proposed plan:
In order to get everyone ready, I'd suggest (kindly) asking pkg-gnome
folks to upload their 2.28 packages to unstable; so that the remaining
packages can be rebuilt against them. I think it'd be nice not to wait
and get entangled in the gnome 2.30 transition, that's why I'd like to
go with the 2.28 ones (which were working fine for me). It'd be nice
to make sure there's no directfb stuff left in Depends, before it gets
uploaded. ;)

Once that done, I'll rebuild the following d-i packages against them:
 * cdebconf
 * cdebconf-entropy
 * cdebconf-terminal
 * rootskel-gtk
(I'm going to file bugs against them in a few minutes anyway.)

If the resulting image boots fine, I'll be reporting here, and asking
for those patches to be merged. If there are issues, I'll file bugs to
fix those, and then report here, asking for those patches to be

If everything goes alright at this point, I think we should be able to
migrate the whole set of packages to testing, so that further updates
only require to migrate a few packages at a time.

Comments etc. welcome, as usual.


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