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Re: Towards X11-based d-i: Gone through NEW

On Wednesday 17 March 2010, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Once that done, I'll rebuild the following d-i packages against them:
>  * cdebconf
>  * cdebconf-entropy
>  * cdebconf-terminal
>  * rootskel-gtk

I've just had a look at how the help dialogs look now, and they are much 
better. But they are now on the narrow side with lines wrapped too soon.

This can be seen in localechooser with the help dialog for locales, but is 
even more visible in the help dialog for the main screen of partman which 
now only just fits the height of the screen.
The dialogs should not cover the full width of the screen, but to use only 
half seems a bit of  waste. Leaving something like 10% or 15% on each side 
would look better I think.

I've no idea if/how this is possible, but it would be great if you could 
look into it.

> (I'm going to file bugs against them in a few minutes anyway.)



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