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Re: Should D-I install console-setup with kbd and console-tools or not?

On Sunday 14 March 2010, Anton Zinoviev wrote:
> I am realy surprised by all of this.  What was causing kbd or
> console-tools to be installed in the past (before console-setup)?

We used to explicitly install 'console-tools console-data console-common'.
Probably exactly because Recommends were not getting installed.

But as I mentioned earlier we've been rethinking the whole Recommends 
handling for Squeeze. This is the last open issue.

Note that this is *not* a problem with the alpha1 release as that *does* 
install Recommends during base-installer.

> Console-setup will become uninstallable.  However this should not be a
> problem.  There is no need to install console-setup on these
> architectures (and the installer should force the installation of
> keyboard-configuration instead of console-setup).

That could be done, but isn't the case now. 

> > As said above we can also solve it in D-I by forcing the installation
> > of Recommends. Please let me know and I'll take care of it.
> Changing d-i because of c-s seems wrong to me.

It's not actually a "change" in D-I. There's simply more than one way to 
Rome. The difference is this:
--- kbd-chooser/post-base-installer.d/20kbd-chooser     (revision 62565)
+++ kbd-chooser/post-base-installer.d/20kbd-chooser     (working copy)
@@ -27,6 +27,6 @@
 d-i debian-installer/keymap string $KEYMAP

-apt-install console-setup || true
+apt-install --with-recommends console-setup || true

 exit 0

Trivial, no?

> So there are two options:
> 1. Changing c-s to depend on kbd | console-tools and installing
>    keyboard-configuration instead of console-setup on some
>    architectures.

That's certainly possible. It's a fairly simple change in kbd-chooser.
Seems like the best option as it means that the --with-recommends is not 
needed and will also avoid accidental incomplete manual installs of c-s on 

Does that mean console-setup itself is essentially useless on kfreebsd and 

> 2. Let kbd-chooser decide which one of console-setup, kbd and
>    keyboard-configuration is going to be installed.  This would be my
>    preferred choice if console-setup-udeb was part of the installer.
>    My reasoning is this: the installer should be able to use c-s as a
>    "black box".  No console-related code outside of console-setup-udeb.

I don't really see the difference TBH. It still requires similar logic to 
decide what to install when.


3. Apply the patch above.
This would result in c-s and k-c being installed on all arches and kbd and 
console-tools only on those arches where they are available.
But option 1) sounds like the cleanest solution.

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