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Re: Missing loop-aes-modules-${current:kernel}-amd64-di?

On Tuesday 09 March 2010, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Using my d-i usb stick, I was hoping to recover from it by mounting
> the crypted lvm through cryptsetup luksOpen … (which a quick google
> suggests), but unfortunately I end up with cryptsetup telling me to
> check for missing aes support in the kernel.
> udpkg -i \
>   cdrom/pool/main/l/linux-modules-di-amd64-2.6/loop-aes-modules*

On more careful reading this doesn't quite make sense to me.

AFAIK luksOpen does not use loop-aes. It uses dm-crypt instead. It may 
require the AES crypto module, but that's unrelated to loop-aes.

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