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Missing loop-aes-modules-${current:kernel}-amd64-di?


[Context: I ended up (twice) with an unbootable system, apparently
because dm-crypt wasn't included in the initramfs.]

Using my d-i usb stick, I was hoping to recover from it by mounting
the crypted lvm through cryptsetup luksOpen … (which a quick google
suggests), but unfortunately I end up with cryptsetup telling me to
check for missing aes support in the kernel.

udpkg -i \

to the rescue, one may think. But on that (squeeze alpha1) image, the
included version is 2.6.30-2-amd64, which doesn't quite help me
getting to my root partition to see what's going on with dm-crypt WRT
the “normal” initramfs.

Now, trying to move on, I just checked packages.d.o for something
matching current kernels but no luck:


rmadison indeed seems to confirm that there's no such thing as
loop-aes-modules-2.6.32-3-amd64-di at this point.

(And that seems to be true for other architectures, I tried 486 too.)

Can this please be fixed?

Also: Is there any way to make sure there's no (kernel) version
mismatch between *-modules packages in the future?


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