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Re: Missing loop-aes-modules-${current:kernel}-amd64-di?

On Tuesday 09 March 2010, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> > Also: Is there any way to make sure there's no (kernel) version
> > mismatch between *-modules packages in the future?
> That still stands.

Problem is that if we ask to remove the loop-aes udebs for .30 for unstable 
(which is the only real option ATM), they would also be removed from 
testing. That would break loop-aes support for netboot installs and weekly 
built CDs based on the alpha1 release.

I would personally prefer the problem to remain for daily images over 
breaking things for the alpha1 release. The crypto people will hopefully 
come up with some solution for loop-aes support with .32 kernels before 

But if there is no solution before the next D-I release, we will have to 
ask for removal of the loop-aes udebs when preparing that release.

Note that Luks based encryption is not affected.


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