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Re: Configuring Boot.

On Sunday 07 March 2010, Heddle Weaver wrote:
> I'm trying a first time exercise, for me, here....attempting to mount a
> Lenny dist. onto a 32Gb Corsair flashdrive by way of a MS XP loaded pc.
> Installation is fine until it comes to where the boot record is to be
> mounted, the installation programme not seeming to want to place it
> anywhere other than on the first IDE drive of the pc which is the
> property of an internet cafe and therefore not appropriate. The whole
> idea of having a flash drive is so that it's portable and I can plug it
> into any machine on the road, enjoying my O.S. of choice and cutting
> back on the degree of trace back, that is, privacy.

With Lenny you get a question asking if you want to install grub in "the 
MBR of the first hard disk". If you reply "no" to that, you can specify an 
alternative location, which can either be a different disk or a specific 

However, it is quite likely that if you want to boot off the USB-stick, you 
will need to tune the grub installation afterward. Reason is that device 
identifications may be different if you boot off a different device.

Note that Squeeze, which uses grub2, no longer has that option (and IMO 
that's something that needs to be looked into).


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