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Towards X11-based d-i: v2, final report

Hi folks,

now I've refreshed/rebuilt all udebs against sid. So here comes a
bunch of links.


New netboot-gtk mini.iso (checksum and sig in the same directory):


Dependency graphs for the “local” udebs:

Size comparison (kernel versions changed but…):
    Total system size: 53460k (4,7M libs, 11M kernel modules)
    Initrd size: 19329k
    Kernel size: 2171k

    Total system size: 46198k (2,8M libs, 9,6M kernel modules)
    Initrd size: 17644k
    Kernel size: 2069k


Patches for packages maintained by d-i folks:
  http://people.debian.org/~kibi/patches-di-v2/ (packages-*)

Patches to make it possible to build a netboot-gtk i386 image:

Patches for packages not maintained by X11 folks:

Patches for packages maintained by X11 folks will be pushed in their
respective repositories.

Sources/debs/udebs pool:

Repository with source and i386 packages:

To ease mirroring the udebs only, e.g. to populate a localudebs/
directory, a bunch of symlinks have been added:

Various remarks:

 * I had to disable speakup since the related package isn't available
   right now after the 2.6.30 → 2.6.32 switch. Sorry about that. I
   might generate another “v2” image once this package is available,

 * Previously I was building against squeeze, but with that same
   kernel version switch, I had to enable both squeeze and sid in my
   sources.list.udeb file.

 * I think I've also addressed all Package-Type → XC-Package-Type
   occurrences, in addition to the changes announced in my previous
   partial report.

 * I'm now generating the minimal XML file for the MIME database in a
   cleaner fashion, using an XSLT transformation. People interested in
   gory details can look at the comments in debian/keep-png-only.xsl,
   in the gtk+2.0.diff patch (which might seem impressive but that's
   only a side-effect of having an autoreconf patch).

 * It might be possible to get rid of some X libraries by linking
   statically against them, but that would mean more work, possibly
   additional flavours, etc. I'm not sure the gain (if any) would be
   as high as for the server (see previous report), though. I'd tend
   to think it'd be more maintainable on the long run to keep the
   current set of udebs than trying to reduce it as much as

 * The second point I mentioned earlier[1] still holds. I'd call it a
   known bug with that image.

     1. http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2010/02/msg00427.html

Things for later:

 * (soon anyway) Rebase my xorg-server patches on top of sid's
   version. That's clearly not a blocker since there are some other
   packages that need to be updated first, and xorg-server might be
   updated (again) in the meanwhile.

 * Deal with cursors, including supporting theme switching.

 * Probably get rid of refresh_keymap() in cdebconf.

 * Check the preseeding (probably just a matter of detecting a
   question as already seen) in console-setup.

 * Dive into mklibs.


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