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Re: Towards X11-based d-i: v2, progress report

Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> (26/02/2010):
> I chose -gtk as it will be used with the gtk frontend and is
> consistent with e.g. rootskel-gtk. But other names are certainly
> possible and the final name will need to be agreed with Marco.

Sure. :)

> >    That means fewer udebs to add (although libxfixes3 is still
> >    pulled by libxcursor1), which is what we tried to achieve.
> If that's the only thing that pulls it in, would it be an option to
> compile it statically?

If that's fine with you, I'll probably skip this question for now and
consider this at the same time I work on cursor themes. The answer is
clearly not a blocker, and we need some tweaks for xserver-xorg-core

(As for the v2 set of udebs, I'm mostly half-way through it: X itself
is done, X libs as well. Got to take care of gtk/pango/cairo and then
check whether my patches against d-i components need some refreshing.)


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