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Bug#571035: [squeeze alpha1] installationsreport: grub2: machine doesn't boot

On Wednesday 24 February 2010, Holger Wansing wrote:
> This image is an image only containing a vmlinuz kernel, no initrd

They never do... The initrd always gets generated when a kernel package is 

> I installed that, and booted:
> system starts and gets a kernel panic, because root file system is
> unable to be found.

It's not exactly a kernel panic, but I know what you mean.

> That means at least, that grub2 is not the problem, what was my very
> first thought.

Well, not being able to find the root FS may well be because GRUB is not 
configured correctly. When you are dropped into the debug shell, check the 
contents of /dev and /dev/disk/by-uuid to see if your hard disk and root 
partition are present.

But the fact that 2.6.30 does boot that far while 2.6.32 hangs earlier 
probably means that there is a kernel problem with .32.

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