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Bug#569784: debootstrap: cannot build a clean Lenny chroot anymore

On Monday 15 February 2010, Martin-Éric Racine wrote:
> /usr/share/debootstrap/functions: line 745:  7076 Segmentation fault
>    chroot "$TARGET" "$@"

OK, so something is segfaulting. I still cannot reproduce this (tried i386 
this time instead of amd64). Also, the lenny1 update was trivial (as well 
as being over a year old) and cannot possibly be the cause of this.

I'm pretty sure that the actual problem is with your host system and not 
with the system being installed.

Suggest you run debootstrap with a 'set -x' in /usr/sbin/debootstrap to see 
exactly which command is failing and possibly an strace as well.

I've no idea what we as debootstrap maintainers can do about this.

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