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Re: console-setup v1.28 bug, Debian Lenny

On Sun, Feb 07, 2010 at 12:46:39AM +0300, MicroProgs MicroProgs wrote:
> bug #2 (When [Right ALT] key used to change input language russian/english)
> When I use dpkg-reconfigure console-setup to configure [Right ALT] key as
> key to change input language, I have a bug.
> When I press [Right ALT] + [Caps Lock] on tty1 (first console), the tty1 can
> not read keyboard input.
> If I press [Right ALT] + [Caps Lock] on tty1, then I can not type
> bash-commands, because I type some command on keyboard (for example "ls
> -la") and this command don't printed in shell.
> Before [Right ALT] + [Caps Lock]:
> keyboard: ls -la
> screen: $ls -la
> After [Right ALT] + [Caps Lock]:
> keyboard: ls -la

Thank you.  I was able to reproduce this and I found what happened.  
This bug doesn't exist in more recent versions of console-setup (any 
version after 1.29 should be OK).

I think if you want you can download the version of console-setup from 
Debian testing and install it on lenny.


Anton Zinoviev

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