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Re: Question about having an always clean base system in Debian Sid


As you advised me, I've asked my question in debian-user list and it
appears there is no mean yet of auto installing new packages with
priority required, important or standard. But it's possible to auto
remove packages that don't have one of these priorities anymore.

What do you think about modifying debootstrap to install the base system
with the flag "automatically installed" and adding the
APT::NeverAutoRemove ~prequired, ~pimportant, ~pstandard configuration
directive in apt.conf?
This way we can have packages that are no longer part of the base system
automatically proposed for removal. For example the dselect package
during the Lenny release process, the gcc-x.x-base or libdbx.x when new
versions of these packages replaced it, sysklogd and klogd when they
were replaced by rsyslog during Lenny release process, etc. Of course
these packages wouldn't be proposed for removal if some other packages
depends on it.

Tell me if I tell big stupidity! But explain me why please. :-)



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